Encounters with Arduino workshop

This is the first time we are presenting this modality of arduino workshop as “encounter with Arduino”. The first of a series of encounters around the globe and the first experience we are having organizing an event like this. The encounter is presented as a free and open event in which participants bring their own ideas and build their projects, alone or in groups, no matter if it’s the first time you see an Arduino board or you have been working with it for years.

As initiation for those whom are starting for the first time with Arduino, there are a series of examples to build in order to understand the interface, the hardware and the way of programming. These are easy yet functional prototypes that can be built with the components included in the KIT of the encounter. Among these examples we can find projects like: Virutal traffic lights, Light meter, Quichen countdown clock, IR receiver, …

New encounters will follow in Holland and Spain, stay tuned!

Below you can find all the information about the encounter with Arduino in Cordoba, Argentina.


Date: 12-13-14 April 2011

Time: 15:00hs to 22:00hs

Place: Espacio cultural La Cupula – Cordoba Argentina

Price: The gathering is free, but there is a entrance fee from la Cúpula 50 pesos 3 days

Inscriptions and kit reservations at: admin [a] drbit.nl

Kit (without Arduino) 120 pesos Components list at -> http://forum.drbit.nl/viewtopic.php?id=26

Arduino UNO 160 pesos

Arduino Mega  289 pesos

Required material:

Laptop, soldering iron, multimeter, protoboard (included in the kit), pilers, screwdrivers…
It’s recommended that each participant brings it’s own material.

There will be a set of tools available to the participants at the gathering


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