Calafou, the post capitalist industrial ecovillage

Clafou is a 28000 m2 of transition technologies, free software, housing, art and grassroots applied technology in Catalonia.

The Story of Calafou

Clafou is a multidisciplinary group of inventors, artists, software developers, permacultors and other people that wants to start a transition industrial space.

The objective is to create a space in which to live and work, with space for environment friendly industries (recycling, used-oil transformation, elaborated food products and others) with low rent costs and common infrastructure.


The Impact

Catalonia has been hit hard by the crisis. There is not much work and the housing situation is practically unsustainable. They want to create a space that supports other projects on the surrounding community by ways of giving low rent for artists or small businesses that mind the ecology, restoring an unused space to bring new work and applied grassroots technology.

New solutions for the transition towns most common problems, and document and share this solutions with the rest of our extended activist and ecologist network.

What They Need & What You Get

Calafou is a group of about 40 people that wants to live or work there, and we hope that more people and projects will join as soon as the place is available. By now, they are still in the process of buying the place and they have gathered a part of the amount needed to sign the sale contract. They are working with a credit cooperative from Italy that will give them a credit of the same amount of money that they can gather. The amount of money they gather should be of at least 95.000 Euro, so the cooperative will give them another 95.000 to be able to sign the contract, and after that they will need to pay to the owner 2.100 more Euro per month, plus the credit.

“We want our friends to support us on the buying of the land, and we would like to have many small supporters instead of a huge supporter, so we thought of asking for 5.000 euros from you , thought the more we raise the easier it will be to fix the space and reform it. It is likely that we will be able to buy the place without your contribution, but if for any reason this will not happen, we would use the money to recover the 30.000 euros of the reserve that we already payed.”

This is a very ambitious project but people need to start thinking other ways of living and be ready for the big crisis that is coming. The space wants to be open to new projects and initiatives, being the stable home of 20 families and several other people for short time (like you!) and giving low price rents for small local businesses that help on this transition.

Some of the planned future projects in Calafou are:

  • Living spaces (from 25 to 35)
  • Hacklab (space for creation of free software)
  • Fabric of eco-computers
  • Fabric of Beer
  • Workshop of  serigrafía
  • Fabric of  Bikes
  • Photography studio
  • Place for artists
  • Workshops about permacultural
  • Roms for meetings and work
  • Alternative congress center
  • Eco-Fablab ( )
  • Construction of opensource machinery for agriculture and rural habitats ( )
  • Ecologic food
  • Ecologic fabric of goat cheese
  • Forge workshops
  • Scenography workshops
  • Ecology energy (solar, wind,.. )
  • Studies of cinema

How can you help them make this project become real? Support them at:

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