Volumetrically light project with arduino

Volumetrically light is an installation that uses the light as a tool to draw volumes into the space. Installed in a closed room where spectators can enter and directly interact with it with a series of sensors. All the process is completely automated and there is no “master” needed to operate the installations.

Sensors and logics can be changed and adapted to the final space, so we can sense various parameters directly related to the audience as movement, temperature, light and sound.

The spectator observes how volumes change together with the sound and the ambient light trough the volume of the space.

This installation is based on video projection, sound and lights, controlled by an Arduino.

It is a short piece of about 3 minutes that periodically triggers itself automatically.

This installation has been exposed in Tara Open Art opening 2010 and ADM lightning festival 2010

Video demo:

The project uses Arduino to control a lighting system trough DMX and also external devices activated by a relay. All this is programmed to follow a time schedule and synchronized all together.

The code of the project is freely available in the github site of drbit.nl and you can find it here.

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  1. Wow dude! amazing lighting effects!

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