Martin Mac 500 maintenance

Time ago I got 4x second hand Martin Mac 500 moving heads  from a Dutch rental company. They where moving to a new lighting set and they where giving them away at a fair price. So without doubting I got a car and went there to pick them up, so I end up with 4 huge moving heads in my living room.

This mac 500 moving heads are the first models produced that have a magnetic starter for the lamps. Later models Martin500/E had an electronic ballast/starter. Weighing a stunning 32Kg each they are not really “portable” at all. They were probably fabricated somewhere in mid-late 90´s so they are now around 20 years old?!! Not bad at all for those kind of pieces of hardware.

Ready to rock!
Ready to rock!

For the last 3 years they have been sitting in a church outside Amsterdam with no maintenance and being misused. When I got them back not a single one was fully working. All of them had some kind of problem. Lamp errors, stepper drivers broken, sensors misplaced,… So first thing I wanted to do is open them up and  give a full deep cleaning an reparation. They turn out to be really pain in the ass to fix (Specially if you don´t know what you are doing) Now after 2 months of fixing and reparations and googeling up  I got them clean tidy and fully operational! update – we are not quite there yet … looks like the complete cabling should be replaced and for now there is no time for it, so the project is on hold.

very happy to have them back!

Their new house will be OT301 where they have been adopted.

20 years old MAC 500 lamps and still Rocking!


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