Building a DIY triple screen desk mount

It was time for a rearrangement of my desk working space. I’ve been lately working with a lighting software that required the installation of 3 extra screens on my desk. So that’s why I wanted to build a custom DIY triple screen desk mount. Power tools, safety glasses and earplugs might be involved in the process so proceed with extreme caution.

How to try to copy this:

And end up with the DIY triple screen desk mount:

DIY monitor mount


I was lucky enough to find some wood beams from the neighbour laying outside the studio and waiting to be thrown away. Took them and started to think how I wanted to build the structure. Since my skills with wood working are not so good I went for the better construction strength rather than the aesthetic approach. Better to hold strong that to look better.

First I measured the length of the screens and cut 3 pieces of wood to match these lengths. 2 of them (the external ones) I had them cut in an angle to make a slightly bent line. This way the screens are in a circular alignment


As seen in the adobe picture I used 2 smaller pieces of wood to make a joint between the 3 larger wood beams. (there was nothing else available I had hands on…)


I measured the monitors and installed the mountings at a distance to fit all monitors. The mounts I used are 2 newstar branded mounts that I found in a website. The 3rd mount still I haven’t install it because I don’t have a 3rd monitor with vesa mount. So it will have to wait for now. After buying the mounts I realized that I could have bought them second-hand for a fraction of the price I paid. Next time I will check second-hand market first.
I measured the distance I needed to fit in my desktop and cut another 2 wood to length that would serve as legs for the whole structure. Those I mounted at the back of the previously mounted 3 wooden beams. Another 2  beams attached perpendicular in an L shape to the legs would make the support for preventing the monitors from falling towards the front.
With some metal stripes and tie-wraps I attached the power, VGA cords and the Matrox TripleHead2Go to the back of the structure. All necessary components are hanging and out-of-the-way.




Since one of the monitors had a USB hub integrated and a second DVI input I used it to power up a Raspberry pi and connect it to the HDMI output. Attached to one of the legs for easy access might come in handy in the future.



And this is how finally the DIY triple screen desk mount looks on my desktop


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