Dell screen E172FPb repair

Found on the street this old e172FPb Dell monitor. Apparently broken? In this post I will explain how to revive old electronics that people throw just because we belive it is not possible or too expensive to repair. This time, 5€ later, we got a working dell monitor.

Usually broken electronics they are just thrown away. It is either too expensive to have a person take a look at it or we just think it is beyond reparation. I would say 85% of the times money-wise this is true. Sadly it is too expensive in the times we are living to have a person look into a broken electronics. Most of the times it is cheaper to buy a new one. And this is really sad.

We could say without any doubt that modern electronics are design to fail. The so called programmed obsolescence is on the benefit of companies. Analysing the fact that everything will fail or break eventually we can be certain that this will happen because of a week point in the design. When the week point falls in the electronics we have a programmed time bomb. A product will die after a certain amount of time depending on temperature and use, but it will die. And here comes the interesting point: since this is more a mathematic rule than a random event we can say that a batch of products that are designed using same components same specifications will have all the same problems and die the same way.

This being said the solution is right in front of us. The rules of internet play on our favor. There will be always somebody else that when trough the same problem. A quick search on internet will return us with a list of possible solutions to our problem. In this particular case a quick with the terms E172FPb repair” gave me many results all pointing at the same fault. Bingo!

For the sake of documentation I will post my experience with the e172fpb repair, but you can find many other posts and tutorials about doing the same on internet.

Here we go:

This is the state in which I got the monitor from the street. When connected to power the green power button will blink and monitor will not power up.


To fix this problem we need first to open the monitor and unscrew the main power board.

rear e172FPb

open monitor e172FPb

power board e172FPb


When we have the board out of the monitor we have to locate the faulty components. In this case 4 high voltage transistors that power the backlights of the monitor. Most of the time will fail in pairs but it is recommended to change all of them.


The replacement transistors we will find in internet. Ebay is a good source (look for E172FPb repair kit) but if we have access to big electronic websites like Farnell or RS-online this will be a much faster solution. The components that will be ordering are 4x D44H8G NPN power transistors (10A 60V):

Rs-online: 545-0163

Farnell: 9556206

The faulty transistors are detailed as Q759 Q760 Q739 Q740. Here is a picture of them:

faulty transistors e172FPb

Once the transistors have been located we have to desolder them.

removed transistors e172FPb


And now solder the new transistors in:

replaced transistors

As seen in the picture I added a protective thermoretractile tube so when we put the metal cover back the transistors will not short-circuit with it. I’m not quite sure if this will affect the temperature, we will find soon enough.

And finally the result of the monitor DELL e172fpb repair:

Enjoy your 5€ monitor from the trash!

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