Showtec Phantom display issue

Some of the Showtec Phantom fixtures started to have problems with the displays, so I decided to make this post for people experiencing the same problem.

Till now I’ve encountered one cause of the problem, but might be that there are others. The one I talk about is due to cold joint of a push-up resistor array.

If this is the problem in your unit you might check it really easy by connecting the fixture and applying a bit of force on top of the resistor array. If this is the problem the display should start working again.

To fix the Showtec Phantom display issue we just have to resolder the cold joins and we are good to go!

And below you can see a picture of a (generously) re soldered resistor array.


Fix Showtec Phantom display issue
Resoldered resitor array


Hope that can help people with the same problem. If you encounter different problems please leave a comment down below.


Till next fix…

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