Ultimaker 2! The new addition to our tools

Ultimaker 2 is among us! I’ve been waiting a long time to get one of those. After a research on internet this one seemed the way to go. And it hasn’t let me down. Continue reading to find out my process of getting a second hand Ultimaker 2 up and running (not easy).

Ultimaker 2
Ultimaker 2


So after deciding upon buying an Ultimaker 2 I decided to go for a second hand unit. I was confident that if any problem would come up I would be able to fix it with out warranty. And anyway warranties are overrated this days. Although I heard the Ultimaker 2 customer service was very good ,I really didn’t care at all. I would rather save some money to spend somewhere else. As I found out finding a cheap second hand Ultimaker 2 wasn’t hard at all. At the end I paid more than I should, but I was a bit anctious of getting one and I finally could help myself. The buyer was also in a rush (and later found out why) but he kind of showed signs that gave me a bit of confidence.

The transaction was really fast and in one day! i had the Ultimaker 2 at home! with a few spools of filament and all in a good shape.

I didn’t doubt it a second and without having any previous experience I went into internet and downloded an iPhone case. Downlaoded the cura software, loaded som ABS plastic filament, generated the gCode and hit print. That was it! It just printed a nice iPhone cover, out of the box.


3D p rinting iPhone case
3D p rinting iPhone case
Printed iPhone case
Printed iPhone case


I intermediately changed to PLA plastic, I can’t remember why, but It continued to print ok for a few prints until i changed back to ABS. Suddenly the printer started to fail, all my prints started warping. I started investigating and I soon find out that the heated bed temperature sensor was not reading the right temperature and so the heated bead was never heating.

After a full week! of mails back and forth with the customer service I found out 3 things:

1- My Ultimaker 2 was out of warranty

2- Technical service was awful! they would reply only one mail per day, no matter what! And on top of that I knew better than them what was wrong with the printer.

3- Just forget about customer care, go to forums and DIY!


temp error ultimaker 2
temp sensor error ultimaker 2


Finally after a bit of research I found out the way to revive the heating bed changing the (0,5€) PT100 temp sensor. (instead of buying a new heated bed rated at about 150€). I bought it from farnell.com, but I really don’t recommend buying from them as (I will soon publish in a new post). I will never buy with them again. Instead rs online offers a much better service, mouser is also good, and TME can be also a good choice

I did fix the heated bed by changing the temp sensor and it intermediately started printing better but not before some more “extra” problems. First the prints came out still  a bit warped. I had to push the bed temperature to 110 C in order to reduce the warping at minimum and still I get a bit on the edges. (this was because of low temperature bed printing ABS)

One more problem came up. The nozzle temp sensor stopped working after a few prints from fixing the heated bed. Again…. I was already ordering a new part from aliexpress when I just figured out that it was a bad contact of the connector at the controller board.

After that I haven’t had any other problem with the printer and I’ve been printing quite a lot.

I’m a happy camper 🙂

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