Arduino RGB LED driver board design

I’ve designed this dimmable Arduino RGB led driver board to be cheap and easy to build. This board has 3 separate driver channels for R, G and B leds with up to 1A each. The final user can regulate the output current by setting reference voltage resistors.

If you are looking for a led driver that is simple and cheap to build here you can find instructions on how to build your own.

Arduino RGB LED driver board design


The led driver board is fully compatible with Arduino. It features 3 individual inputs that you can set to the desired intensity independently. To set the output level you can use a voltage reference using a potentiometer. Alternatively, the output level can be set by a PWM signal ,for example, comming from arduino.

I’ve choosen the led driver CAT4101 to design this arduino RGB LED driver board because It is a cheap constant current sink driver with low noise and low number of components. The ACT4101 accepts voltages up to 25V allowing driving long strings of LEDs set in series. You can also put them in parallel to increase the power of the output achieving greater intensitiy for driving high power leds.

Led prototype board
Prototype board


The only downside of this driver is that the efficiency could be better.

Here you can see the typical circuit application.


Led driver
typical circuit


The best part of it is that you don’t need many components to make it work, making it very simple to put together.

Below you can see a picture of the Arduino RGB led driver connected to an Arduino and driving 2 sets of leds.


Testing the Arduino RGB led driver


I’ve connected series Blue LED lights on an aluminium bar acting as a dissipation as you can see in the following picture. I will use this same array of leds in the future to build an indoor vegetable green house. More on that in the future.


Testing Leds
Testing Leds


People can use this boards for growing plants or vegetables in a greenhouse. Also you can use it for your aquarium, reef, terrarium or any applications that needs control over LEDs.


CAT4101 board drbit schematic


Download CAT4101 board design in PDF

design schematic



Download Gerber files

Are you interested in buying the boards? Would you like to buy a LED driver kit already mounted? please contact me.

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