Projecte cases

“Projecte cases” it’s the name of an art piece created by Xesca salvà. Three different experiences (of about fifteen minutes each) between two people. Two spectators sit at the table and put on headphones. The recorded sound (a mix of stories and instructions for them to perform actions and hold/move objects) guides viewers through a unique experience.

Sensors, buttons, special effects, lights, and sounds are all controlled with the help of custom programmed electronics by Doctor Bit.

The audio of the three houses are drawn from interviews with women in search of their intimate story—in this particular case elderly women, homeless women and sex workers. The first house, Alliberau-nos del mal (Deliver us from evil), is a file from the memory of grandmothers and objects that make a home. The second, Ya no tengo corazón (I no longer have a heart), depicts the coldness of being homeless, the long-term social neglect that results in many people living on the street. And the third, Entre totes les dones (Among all women), focuses on the body, love, freedom and sex.

Projecte cases


Cases, premiered at the Teatre Principal de Palma on 17 September 2017, is a residence project at IF Barcelona, co-produced with Festival Terrassa Noves Tendències 2017.

Cases can also be seen at the Teatre Sagarra in Santa Coloma de Gramenet as part of IF Barcelona on 17, 18 and 19 November 2017. 



Original idea: Xesca Salvà
Col·laborators: Guillem Serrabassa and Jorge Gallardo
Audio tracks based on interviews of Ester Escoda, Isabel Ribes, Carme Curto
Design and realitzation: Xesca Salvà
Dramaturgy: Jorge Gallardo, Guillem Serrabassa
Voice: Esperança Crespí
Sound design: Odil Bright
Electronics and interaction design: Quim Llorens (Doctor Bit)


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