POV Yellow Lace

The POV yellow lace is an idea that came out initially as a protest. We wanted to support the politicians imprisoned for the 1-O (October) 2017 Catalan referendum of independence. The referendum was declared illegal by the Spanish government and strongly repressed by the Spanish police. The impact that this had on part of the population was very strong. Out of this repression and the following imprisonment of part of the Catalan government made the yellow lace the symbol among protesters.


POV yellow lace


During the elections of December 2017 the yellow lace was strongly forbidden and persecuted by Spanish authorities in the context of public institutions. We came up with the idea of having a “virtual” lace (even if we are not a public institution or withing this frame but as a protest). A lace that you could not physically see but only as a POV (Persistence of Vision) image. To see it you had to move your head while looking at a led stripe.


Led strip


While doing so, the individual Led pixels would rapidly change colours and intensity. This will allow a renderitzation fo an image in your retina while moving your view across the space. The resultant image would be very subtle and short. The use of video cameras would also trigger the rendering of the virtual lace in the image.


The experiment was a success, and we now have new ways of showing subtle or subconscious images on public spaces.

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