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A nice energy monitor using arduino

Usually I do constant research on projects to automatize things at home, like energy monitor. Long time ago I came across this little nice post, explaining in a very simple way how to monitor your home energy consumption. On top of that he is using an ethernet shield that outputs the information through a MQTT feed to where it is processed and transformed in a nice bar graph.

UPDATE: Xively is not free anymore so this example will not work. Soon I will post an alternative using other types of logging.

UPDATE2: Here you can check another project using sparkfun server and thingspeak server

Energy monitor3
Energy graph

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Doorman Arduino prototype

Doorman Arduino

Doorman Arduino is an open source project that controls the doors of your house. It uses a network connection and an Arduino to accomplish this function. As in domotic appliances, the main goal is to be in control of all your entrances (main door, garage door,…). On top of that, our goal is to achieve this functions without the need of any specialized software on the client side. A web browser is the only requirement to be able to control all the doors. Continue Reading →


Arduino ethernet, the great internet of things

It’s been a while since I had the idea of an Arduino receiving and sending data trough the Internet. Long time ago I picked up a simple RGB led, an arduino Ethernet shield, put some pieces of code together and I was able to receive information from a website and convert into light and colour.

I built a custom XML parser for Arduino ethernet and some simple functions for changing the color and fade the leds. Just enough freedom to decide what information gather and how to show it. Colors, blinks, fades. All I had was just an RGB led, not even a button. So the interface was pretty simple.

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