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Arduino RGB LED driver board design

I’ve designed this dimmable Arduino RGB led driver board to be cheap and easy to build. This board has 3 separate driver channels for R, G and B leds with up to 1A each. The final user can regulate the output current by setting reference voltage resistors.

If you are looking for a led driver that is simple and cheap to build here you can find instructions on how to build your own.

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Showtec Phantom 50 LED Spot Review

Very recently I’ve been servicing quite a lot of showtec phantom 50 LED spot fixtures and after a couple of months I can say that I know them quite well. I tough it would be interesting to do a short review from a technical point of view of the Showtec Phantom 50 LED spots so that people interested can have a better insight of the inner design and common problems that might encounter if they decide to work with them. Continue Reading →


Arduino Artnet sender keyboard for MA2

It’s been a year since last time I build a project for myself, just for fun. And I tough that I should finally build that old project that I had in mind long time ago but never had time to. I’m talking about my idea of converting and old PS2  keyboard into an Arduino Artnet broadcaster. People in the lighting buisness will apreciate the idea because we have alwas the need of more buttons more faders to control every single aspect of the lighting system. So this project extends our interface using artnet and on the cheap! The logic behind is very simple. We have a lighting system wich is composed by inteligent lights in one side and a control system in the other. Normally the comunicacion betwen both is done via a DMX cable. But many of the lighting controller nowadays have extra inputs in form of DMX inputs, MIDI, analog and/or Artnet. I will be using the last one (artnet) to, trough the keys of the keyboard, trigger functions on our lighting desk. In my case the GrandMA2 onPC software. Continue Reading →


Martin Mac 500 maintenance

Time ago I got 4x second hand Martin Mac 500 moving heads  from a Dutch rental company. They where moving to a new lighting set and they where giving them away at a fair price. So without doubting I got a car and went there to pick them up, so I end up with 4 huge moving heads in my living room.

This mac 500 moving heads are the first models produced that have a magnetic starter for the lamps. Later models Martin500/E had an electronic ballast/starter. Weighing a stunning 32Kg each they are not really “portable” at all. They were probably fabricated somewhere in mid-late 90´s so they are now around 20 years old?!! Not bad at all for those kind of pieces of hardware.

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The peroformance

Volumetrically light project with arduino

Volumetrically light is an installation that uses the light as a tool to draw volumes into the space. Installed in a closed room where spectators can enter and directly interact with it with a series of sensors. All the process is completely automated and there is no “master” needed to operate the installations.

Sensors and logics can be changed and adapted to the final space, so we can sense various parameters directly related to the audience as movement, temperature, light and sound.

The spectator observes how volumes change together with the sound and the ambient light trough the volume of the space. Continue Reading →