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Showtec Phantom 50 LED Spot Review

Very recently I’ve been servicing quite a lot of showtec phantom 50 LED spot fixtures and after a couple of months I can say that I know them quite well. I tough it would be interesting to do a short review from a technical point of view of the Showtec Phantom 50 LED spots so that people interested can have a better insight of the inner design and common problems that might encounter if they decide to work with them. Continue Reading →


Martin Mac 500 maintenance

Time ago I got 4x second hand Martin Mac 500 moving heads  from a Dutch rental company. They where moving to a new lighting set and they where giving them away at a fair price. So without doubting I got a car and went there to pick them up, so I end up with 4 huge moving heads in my living room.

This mac 500 moving heads are the first models produced that have a magnetic starter for the lamps. Later models Martin500/E had an electronic ballast/starter. Weighing a stunning 32Kg each they are not really “portable” at all. They were probably fabricated somewhere in mid-late 90´s so they are now around 20 years old?!! Not bad at all for those kind of pieces of hardware.

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